Tire Warranties

“Warranty work is our speciality. If you require warranty work done for your tires, we would be happy to help you convert that warranty into safe, installed tire replacements or tire repairs, done right, the first time.”


Tire Installation

“There is more to new and seasonal tire installations than removal of the wheels.  We inspect your lug nuts and wheels, offer new valve stems as needed, inflate and balance each tire and ensure your vehicle is driving smoothly.”


Tire Rotation

“Rotating your tires improves the life of your tire. Our All Around Tire professionally trained technicians can help you determine if your tires should be rotated by diagnosing uneven wear and correct any misalignment, imbalance, or other mechanical problems before the tires get rotated.”


Tire Balancing

“Tire balance is important as it reduces tire wear, and makes driving safer. Unbalanced tires cause road vibration, which leads to unnecessary wear to your vehicle’s suspension. Have your tires rebalanced either at the first sign of vibration, once a year, or every 18,000 km”


Tire Repair

“An All Around Tire Technician can help you diagnose whether your tire needs to be repaired or replaced. Most punctures, nail holes, or cuts can be repaired. Tire punctures larger than ¼-inch, any sidewall punctures, or tires which are worn below a certain tire tread depth, will need to be replaced.”


Oil Changes

“Although we are the tire experts, we do offer on new tire purchases and installations, discounted oil change services. All our oil change packages exceed auto warranty requirements and includes up to 5L of warranty approved oil, a warranty approved oil filter and 21 point inspection”