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Steve Gunn, Owner Operation
All Around Tire

I could easily just say that I’ve been in the tire business for 20 years. That I work with all the major brands, or that I will guarantee you the best tire prices in Kelowna.

I could also say that I’m the warranty guy. When other shops might not want to deal with your warranty work, I’ll take it.

I could also say I’m the problem guy, leaving no stone unturned. I take putting tires on your vehicle very seriously but there’s more to it than just rubber and cost, there’s safety and there’s family.

I’m a Dad to two small girls. When I put tires on your vehicle, whether you are a truck driver, a car enthusiast, or a super parent with two kids in the back, like me, that’s what I think of I think of what matters and that’s why I do this.

I might be a small tire shop in Kelowna B.C. but I’m big on safety, workmanship, ethics and doing the job right.

I like to think we are a no B.S. Tire and Repair Shop.

I encourage you to come on down and find out all about our special discount pricing on any quality tire, you and your family deserve.

Stay Safe. It’s a long road, out there.

Dean and Steve have been friends and colleagues for the past 30 years. Dean is an International businessman with experience running sales divisions in Australia, Ireland, Japan, and Singapore.

Dean shares Steve’s vision of proving a local, high quality, no B.S. level of standard to the tire business in Kelowna. Sales means more to Dean than selling. It means building trust, providing value and becoming a community resource.

Dean is also the proud father, like Steve, of two beautiful girls and he understands the importance of tire safety. If he won’t put tires on his own vehicle, he won’t put them on yours. That’s his promise.


Dean Bennett
All Around Tire